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Let's Get Cozy

Eldr+Rime’s Stuga (translating to “cabin” in Swedish) is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter season. 

Offering full dining, each Stuga can accommodate up to 6 guests for up to two hours. We ask that guest follow a $200 food and beverage minimum, including an additional 20% gratuity, when dining in our outdoor Stugas. 

During inclement weather or freezing temperature, your reservation may be moved to indoors or rescheduled.


Reservations are Required

Please use the link below to visit our Opentable page to submit a reservation request.  

All reservations must adhere to a $200 Food and Beverage minimum and 20% gratuity when seated in our outdoor stuga.  

Make Your Stuga Reservation Here
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Time Limit

We ask that all Stuga parties keep their experience to a two hour time limit starting at the reservation time.

Extra time will not be granted to late arrivals.  


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Full dining from our full dinner menu will be offered.  

Please ask your server any questions that you may have related to the menu. The order must be placed within the first 30 minutes after being seated to ensure you have time to enjoy everything you order.


Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) is all about being in the moment, feeling completely relaxed and centered, letting go of the hectic world around you. It is a way to unwind. Your Stuga is going to be the perfect place to Hygge. Dress warm and although there is a space heater in each Stuga, keep in mind you’re still outdoors in Wisconsin. Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. 

Stuga Notes

Each stuga is equipped with a space heater.  Please note though that this is still outdoor seating in Wisconsin.  Please dress accordingly.  

By law, there is no smoking or open flames allowed in any Stuga.

Our operating procedures are developed to allow detailed cleaning of each Stuga in between reservations. This includes but not limited to; wiping down all high touch surfaces with commercial grade anti-bacterial product, removing and discarding any leftover food, condiments, waste etc.